PIFF 2016

5th edition | 16-19 June | Cinema City, AFI Ploiești

Ashen (Spain, comics, 10 min.), directed by Jon Mikel Caballero
Don’t Mess with the Sharkies (Switzerland, sci-fi, 24 min.) directed by Richard Rabelbauer (Audience Choice Award)
The Huckster (Spain, horror, 28 min.) directed by Nacho Ruipérez (Best Film Award)
Man and Wife (South Korea, sci-fi, 26 min.), directed by Hyunwoo Kim
Miami (Portugal, thriller, 15 min.), directed by Simão Cayatte
Juliet (France, sci-fi, 11 min.), directed by Marc-Henri Boulier (Best Director Award)
Kuru (Portugal, thriller, 24 min.), directed by Francisco Antunez
Lost Village (Spain-Georgia, horror, 16 min.), directed by George Todria (Special Mention Award)
The Neon God (Brazil, horror, 13 min.) directed by Rafael Duarte
The Quantum Lighter (Spain, sci-fi, 5 min.) directed by Pau Escribano
The Red Thunder (Spain-USA, superhero, 6 min.), directed by Alvaro Ron
Start Over (Brazil, horror, 13 min.) directed by Solon Neto
The Seed (Greece, sci-fi, 13 min.), directed by Ifigeneia Kotsoni
Terminally Happy (Norway-UK, sci-fi, 5 min.) directed by Adina Istrate
Whistle (South Korea, thriller, 23 min.), directed by WooSuk Lee